Reusable Copper Water Bottle by Watamate

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Sep 11, 2020
Watamate is a company that focusses on providing water management solutions. Their motto is to solve human’s water need in a simple way by design thinking. They sell many different. types of products such as water bottles, water dispenser pump, purifiers and filters with a variety of shapes, design. Watamate offers two different variants of pure copper water bottles which makes it easy for you to drink healthy water.
This copper water bottle is a great product for a healthy lifestyle. Copper water bottle hydrates, energizes your water, makes it alkaline and looks damn good. With sleek polished design, Watamate copper water bottle is  a perfect companion for Long Travel, Meet Ups and Conferences, Work and Home. This copper water bottle is lighter than glass or steel bottles and eco-friendly than plastic.
It’s extraordinarily comfortable with its non-slip grip, seamless design, adaptability and shatter proof copper body, guaranteeing you remain hydrated in the excursion or action. This copper bottle is reusable and long lasting and is suitable for kids and adults. It is simple to seal firmly without leakage even you crush it. It allows a quick refill via its huge mouth. This bottle has a unibody design which makes it durable and fit for use in any scenario.
This reusable copper water bottle is made of pure high grade food safe copper. Drinking water in pure copper bottles can help you losing weight faster, freshen your skin by melanin production and slow down aging process. Benefits of drinking in copper water bottle includes boosting brain’s activity, helps to lose weight, protects from infections. Enjoy maximum benefits of drinking from Copper water bottles by letting water sit overnight in the bottle and drink it in morning.

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